Playground Maintenance

Every playground requires a comprehensive maintenance program. The results of infrequent safety checks and the lack of a consistent preventative maintenance program are unsightly and ill-functioning equipment, playground injuries, and increased liability for your organization. There are over 200,000 injuries requiring emergency room treatment annually on public playgrounds.  Injuries are most often caused by non-compliant equipment and events, inadequate maintenance, and problems with play surfacing. Since all private schools and church playgrounds are considered public playgrounds, they must comply with the current standards and guidelines for commercial playgrounds.

When To Check

It is recommended that all schools maintain a documented inspection and maintenance program with a periodicity that is based on the frequency and intensity of the playground’s use. Administered by your maintenance supervisor, playground monitors can be utilized as your first line of defense. Every day they should do a documented comprehensive spot check of the equipment and surfacing. Before first recess, have them do a walk-through to note any obvious problems or unusual changes. During recess, along with their usual duties of ensuring safe play habits of the kids, they should also be alert for any anomalies in the functioning of the equipment while it is in use.

What To Check

Playground areas and equipment should be inspected for excessive wear, deterioration, and potential hazards that could injure children. Particular attention should be given to moving parts, since wherever there are moving parts, there is the likelihood of friction and deterioration.  Levels of surfacing materials need to be maintained for the fall-height requirements of the equipment.
Preventative maintenance is the key to protecting our children from playground injuries. If you don’t currently have a maintenance program in place, do not delay – begin one today!

Scope of Work

  • Power wash play equipment, ramada(s), picnic tables and benches with antibacterial sanitizer
  • Surface sift with rake the sand and/or wood chips for garbage, glass and other debris and level out uneven areas around play equipment
  • Removal of trash in and around playground area(s)
  • Removal of minor graffiti on play equipment and around playground area (sidewalks, ramada(s), etc.). Excessive graffiti will be reported to community manager for approval and can be removed at a rate of $150.00 an hour (includes materials and labor).
  • Missing or loose hardware (standard nuts & bolts) will be replaced and tightened each service (does not include nuts & bolts we have to special order)
  • Safety Inspections will be conducted twice a year and will include and assessment of compliance with: ASTM F1487: Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment and The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Handbook for Public Playground Safety
  • Repairs of playground equipment or amenities will be expensed at a rate of $150.00 an hour for labor and additional costs for parts and materials
  • Park Amenities will be reviewed for wear & tear, vandalism and reported to community manager